Moving Beyond the Automobile

Imagining the future of transportation

The Way we Talk about Traffic Deaths is All Wrong

Our roads suffer a lot of traffic deaths, and Toronto is no exception. In 2015, 64 people were killed on Toronto’s roads, and the majority of these victims were the … Continue reading

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Using Big Data to Improve Public Transit

Recent technology innovations are enabling transit agencies to collect customer data and intelligence like never before.

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Cyclists vs. Drivers – Toronto Edition

A closer look at who really pays for road and transportation infrastructure in Toronto.

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A Summer Ride

Imagine you’re coasting effortlessly down a gentle slope. There’s a cool breeze washing across your face – just enough to keep you comfortable in the mid-July heat. You’re surrounded by … Continue reading

September 7, 2016 · 1 Comment

I Just Made My First Delivery for Uber, and it was Awesome

Thanks to the sharing economy, I can get paid to do something I already do for free!

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Time to go all-in on Hamilton LRT

The project will deliver a wealth of benefits to Hamilton, but if we take a lukewarm approach to implementing it, the outcomes of this billion-dollar investment will be less than ideal.

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Hamilton Pier 7 + 8 Urban Design Study: Good, but not yet Great

Using traditional planning and engineering standards to build a community for the future will almost certainly lead to traditional outcomes.

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Ridesharing in Toronto – What’s the Next Step Forward?

It happens so discretely you might not even notice at first. A black sedan turns off York Street onto Station Street out front the Union Pearson Express station, pulling off … Continue reading

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Cyclists vs. Drivers: Who Pays their Fair Share?

Drivers pay thousands of dollars each year to use the roads, while cyclists don’t appear to pay anything at all. But when you look at the big picture, who’s really paying their fair share?

April 29, 2016 · 1 Comment

My Vision for Hamilton Pier 7/8 Redevelopment

The Pier 7/8 area of Hamilton, Canada is a former industrial district that has been highlighted by the city for redevelopment into a new, sustainable waterfront community.

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